Ventures And Projects


We can help to assess your project vision and carry out robust feasibility studies that confirm that your project is correctly conceived. We can develop capital budgets and strategic timelines for projects and examine various approaches, delivery options and methods of procurement.

We can help you to define project timelines and develop vigorous plans that address project requirements and take account of operational assumptions and requirements, capital expenditure, cash flow and fund raising practicalities.


We work with you to help deliver projects and new ventures. This can take the form of a complete outsourcing of the project management lifecycle or we can work with you to fill the skill and knowledge gaps that exist within your internal team.

We are adept project managers (PRINCE2 qualified) and have successfully delivered a wide range of projects for our clients. We also have a network of specialist partner individuals and organisations that we can call on where additional expertise is required to ensure any given project or venture is a success. These partners include legal advisors, architects, designers, specialist marketeers and niche technologists.

Please visit our Portfolio to see example of clients and projects, or get in touch using, or read about our other Practice Areas here:

Strategy and Insight

We enable our clients to plan for the future based on robust research and actionable insight.

Places and Spaces

We help to plan physical transformations, ensuring optimal visitor experience and commercial return.

Customer Experience

We are experts at designing and optimising visitor experience and engagements, both physical and digital.

Interim Management

We join with you - perhaps for a short time, perhaps for a longer period - to fill the gaps and equip your organisation to deliver.