Strategy And Insight


We provide our clients with guidance and advice and work together to develop effective strategies and business plans, based on rigorous analysis and modelling, or perhaps on primary research.

This enables our clients to prioritise and make the most appropriate decisions; whether you are looking at building audiences, expanding digital engagement, maximising impact, optimising visitor experience or developing new sources of revenue.

We work with many diverse organisations on the development of business plans, funding models, bids and impact assessments and, if needed, we can help you to design the optimal organisation in order to deliver on those ambitions.


We provide original research and robust evaluations that help our clients to enhance what they do, plan new ventures, test policies and develop business cases.

We have market leading research capabilities in assessing the cultural, social and economic impacts of business, cultural and creative activities. Our research practice benefits from the support of leading academics who are seconded onto our project teams when needed.

We can also provide cutting edge technological and analytical solutions to deepen your understanding of what your customers and visitors are doing now, and thus inform what should be enhanced and developed to best realise your strategic and commercial aims.

Please visit our Portfolio to see example of clients and projects, or get in touch using, or read about our other Practice Areas here:

Ventures and Projects

We provide expert project management to enable new ventures and major projects to flourish.

Places and Spaces

We help to plan physical transformations, ensuring optimal visitor experience and commercial return.

Customer Experience

We are experts at designing and optimising visitor experience and engagements, both physical and digital.

Interim Management

We join with you - perhaps for a short time, perhaps for a longer period - to fill the gaps and equip your organisation to deliver.